Lily aka "Loly"

Lily aka "Loly"

Hi, I’m Lily. I am cute, kind, fun, and very silly.   One of my favorite games to play is “Happily Family”. Some of my best friends I like to play it with are Bella (cousin), Emily (second cousin), Edison (cousin), Sarah (aunt), Brinley (cousin), and Amber (friend). I really like telling stories. My family loves when I start them over and over until I say it right. I love swimming. Hot tubs are my favorite because I can stand up in them. The thing that I am most excited about for the World Trip is to go on airplanes! I like airplanes because I get to listen to music. My favorite music and movie right now is Moana. And I know ALL the songs – even better than my sisters! When I am bored, I go to my bed, grab something from under my bed, and start playing with it.

I want you all to know that I want all the Amazon boxes that we get on our porch to be for me and that my favorite song is “Whip It” by Devo and I love to listen to the We Sing album.

I love you!

  • Hardest thing to leave behind: Bella and Kiki (our cat) and my friend Amber
  • The lecture dad gives me most: No screaming!
  • My favorite family trip: The cruise – I liked that we were on a boat and that we had a hot tub and that we had a room that we could stay in. AND that Grandma and Grandpa were with us.
Amirah aka "Sky Princess"

Amirah aka "Sky Princess"

Hi, I’m Amirah Skye. I like to play capture the flag with my cousins and sisters. Some of my talents are gymnastics and soccer. Something really cool about me is my name because, in Arabic, it means princess. That’s why my family calls me the Sky Princess – some say I even act like it, hehe. My big sisters say that I am more of a teenager than they are! But, I really like to make people feel loved so I write notes and draw pictures for them. I like to be kind to people, I am very silly, and I like to be pretty (I got my prettiness from my sisters and mom – sorry dad…). Even though all of my sisters love my curly hair, I really wish I had Makenzie’s blonde straight hair. She is so pretty! I am REALLY excited to see elephants on the world trip because they are my FAVORITE animal ever. That’s also why Africa is where I am most excited to go. Greece looks pretty cool too. I have the most fun when I get to go on adventures with my family so I am super-duper excited for this trip!

  • Hardest thing to leave behind: the house – I like it and I’m used to it
  • Lecture dad gives me most: “I’m not going to tell you again!” or “Stop doing things that make Lily scream”
  • My favorite family trip: Oregon trip – I liked to see a little bit of family there and I liked driving in the car because we got to stop at places on the way
Makenzie aka "Kenzie"

Makenzie aka "Kenzie"

Hi, my name is Makenzie and I’m a wierdo. I am awesome, silly, kind, focused, and independent and sometimes annoying. And I am pretty – not cute! I stick to my goals and I LOVE to make and finish checklists. I love my sister Amirah. I love to play with her and Lily. I like to write in my journal and I love to read, especially Harry Potter! Right now I’m on the second one, The Chamber of Secrets. I looooove to play soccer and I’m best at defense. I once had a competition with Rachel to see who could get the most goals. I won. 😉 Oh! And my favorite movie is Arrival. I’m obsessed with it! I was sad to leave my class back in Washington but also not sad because it’s fun to not have to walk home from school every day. I will miss my friends and cousins a lot. But I’m excited to see all the different cultures and ways that people dress and live. Also I love my family…and pickles.


  • Hardest thing to leave behind: Cousins they are my best friends
  • Lecture dad gives me most: “Stop whining! Suck it up!”
  • My favorite family trip: Shi Shi beach backpacking trip – I loved playing in the stream that leads to the ocean and the on the drift wood.


Hi. My name is Olivia. One of the meanings of my name is “peace – of the olive tree” , which is funny because I am kind of the peace maker of the family (most of the time). I love to do gymnastics, soccer, rock climbing, swimming, and singing.

I also loooooove traveling. I recently went on a fishing trip to Alaska! I went with my dad, my cousin Andrew (basically my twin from different parents because he is only four days older than me), and his dad Uncle Ryan. We stayed with my dad’s uncle that lives there and met my grandparents Abba and Mimi. That trip was AWSOME! The only downside was waking up around three every morning to go fishing. I did leave my phone at a gas station on the way there so didn’t have it for the entire trip, but that turned out ok since I didn’t have to worry about all the social media stuff while I was there. But other than that, I never wanted to leave. And knowing me, I’m probably never gonna want to leave any anyplace we go, but I’ll learn to adapt.

I am sooooo excited to go on this trip of a lifetime, and see the world with my sisters and my parents, A.K.A all my best friends. I just hope I don’t drive my dad crazy always asking what the plan is…I kind of always need to know what the plan is. 🙂

  • Hardest thing to leave behind: My friends and cousins…Not so much my bed bc it was kind of hard as a rock 🙁
  • Lecture dad gives me most: “Olivia Mae. Go to bed! This is the fifth time you’ve said goodnight to us.”
  • My favorite family trip: Basically any time we’ve gone down to Utah
Rachel aka "Rach"

Rachel aka "Rach"

Ok well…I’m Rach, I’m 14 years old (a freshy). I am the second oldest in the fam and the most physical, haha. I like to think I’m really funny and occasionally I am, but my jokes are often a lot more funny my head. I have many different passions including going to Seattle, being extremely weird and loud with my sisters, wrestling with my sisters, teasing Kenzie, singing, playing piano (I play by ear), playing the ukulele, eating, gymnastics, drawing/painting (self-taught), taking and editing photos, doing insane stuff outside, being with friends, making and editing videos, and traveling. I’m pretty short, like literally everyone is out growing me including Olivia who is two years younger. I’m hyped for the trip, but I’m not really excited to leave my friends. I’ve made so many good friends. I’m gonna miss a lot of things about Washington and the USA, but I am also excited to take a break from the drama and stress of school for a year. One of my favorite things in the world are road trips. I love the wind in my face, having no makeup on, and blasting our music, ahhh. Oh ya, and I really enjoy sleeping too.

I’m super excited for our world trip. I’m especially looking forward to seeing different ways of living. I’m want to learn how to live like other people do. To live without some of the things I’m used to and to be able to adjust to different lifestyles. I want to become more down to earth and understanding of different people. I definitely look forward to the “lit pics” and vids we’re gonna take. The beaches too, holy heck that’s gonna be amazing. It’ll be nice to relax too. And I am excited to be able to share the memories and enjoy the moments with my best friends. It’s hard to leave everyone, but it’s an opportunity of a lifetime and something I hope changes me for the better. LETS GOOO.

  • Hardest thing I’m leaving: fam, friends, my bed
  • Lecture dad gives me get most: do it right the first time, stop pestering your sisters, know your own strength
  • My favorite family trip: Great Grandma Sanders funeral. It was fun to be with everyone, to get to know my cousin Tiffy more, and we had a family dance to celebrate Great Grandma Sanders which was crazy and “legit”.


Mariah aka "riah"

Mariah aka "riah"

If you’ve seen Disney’s new movie Moana, then you already pretty much know who I am because they modeled the main character after me. Moana and I are one in the same. Haha jk jk, but actually you guys, we have a heck of lot in common. First off, I should probably mention that we both try to pass ourselves off as the old wise man of the sea, but conveniently, our awkward dreaminess kiiinda gets in the way of that. To explain that phenomenon, one only needs to picture a model or queen tripping on their glamorous walk down the red carpet. Oh, and patience is not our strong suit. I will leave it at that. But on a more serious note, Moana and I both share an intense desire to explore, both land and sea. We both deeply love our family and friends and feel a strong responsibility to protect and care for them (even if it’s not always our job haha). We are both hard workers but also occasionally need a push from loved one’s to pursue our dreams and passions. Oh and you would also know that we both sing where ever we go. It’s as natural to us as breathing!

Now, as for some practical info, hi, I’m Mariah and I like to consider myself the third parent of this family, as I am the eldest of the six girls. 😉 I am 16 years old and love photography, music, writing and reading, anything outdoors (especially running), and being silly. And by silly, I mean completely dorky. Rachel might say that when people laugh at my jokes they are really just laughing at me but I would argue that jokes DO make sense and that I am actually quite funny – if I get a chance to explain the joke. But anyways, I am honestly to SO thrilled to be going on the adventure of a life time with my best friends (my sisters, in case you couldn’t tell). Meeting new and interesting people, discovering different cultures and ways of living, exploring God’s magnificent creations – that’s what life is about to me. It’s going to be SO magical. But yea. In essence, that’s who I am. Just dreamy, silly, little me. 🙂

  • Hardest thing to leaving at home: my bed by FAR. I love my bed.
  • The lecture dad gives me most: DON’T LOSE IT. (the lost and found box is my friend)
  • My favorite family trip: 3 months in San Antonio Texas. We basically got an extra-long summer of swimming for our community swim team, singing to Justin Bieber, spontaneous picnics, endless otter pops, and lots and lots of SeaWorld.
DeNae aka "Mom"

DeNae aka "Mom"

As with all moms, DeNae’s ability to sit down and focus on writing something like a personal bio is pretty limited.  This is compounded by having 6 daughters that range in ages from 4 – 16 with an equal range of needs which now includes homeschooling!

Now, I know you’re all thinking, “her loving husband could take the girls away for a few hours so she could get this done!”  Let’s be real, though this is true, and I often make such efforts, the last thing she wants to do when she has alone time is write a personal bio!  🙂

So, we’ll leave this little blurb on her bio until she has time to sit down and actually write uninterrupted.  Any bets on how long that will take?


Brandon aka "Dad"

Brandon aka "Dad"

Chief Adventure Planner

Hi, I’m Brandon, aka “Dad”. And yes, I live in a world of pony tails, giggles and emotions. If you would have asked me 18 years ago when I was getting married how many kids I thought I’d have and what genders, I’d have answered “Kids? What do kids have to do with getting married?” Yes, I don’t think I really started thinking about my own kids until my soon to be wife brought the topic up. I was simply too busy up to that point in my life.

I married DeNae, the single most amazing person I know, when I was 25. Up to that point in my life, I’d been a life guard, scout leader, BSA high adventure ranger, EMT, LDS missionary, Air Force ROTC cadet, Eagle Scout, LDS missionary instructor, SCUBA diver, security guard, College graduate in Near Eastern Studies with a minor in Arabic. Nowhere in those 25 years was there time to think about kids…I was too busy doing things. My life was always about the next skill I needed to learn to support my thrill, adventure seeking addiction.

Today I’m still pretty much the same, but rounded out by 18 years of marriage, being a dad to 6 wonderful little girls, serving as an Air Force officer in two wars, building and subsequently losing a business, and all the changes that those life events force on a person.