Month: June 2017

Blendtec Blog – check out my guest article

Hey Everyone, Blendtec just posted an article on their blog that I wrote about our first few weeks in Jerusalem.  It’s about how we, or should I say “I”, since it landed in my pack, hauled a Blendtec blender with us on our world trip.  It’s our biggest item but we use it multiple times a day.  DeNae swears it’s one of the reasons we’re rarely ever sick…as long as she keeps making delicious smoothies, I won’t argue! Just snapped this picture…see, it’s sitting there on our counter here in Greece freshly cleaned from an afternoon batch of smoothies DeNae made! Go check out the article and share a comment or 3. 🙂 -B Blendtec Around the World:...

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Summer fun – it’s for Everyone | Help support summer programs and activities for refugee children in Greece

Click to Donate One of my biggest concerns when we started looking at this world trip was making sure we had a safe and comfortable place to live everywhere we stayed.  I was so concerned about this basic life need that we bought sleeping pads, down blankets and travel pillows so if we got stuck in a bus terminal or an airport we could pull out our down blankets and lay down on a comfortable mat to get some sleep and feel a bit of security that comes with a comfortable bed.  Luckily we have Airbnb and other such sites to find housing before we arrive which has greatly reduced my stress. On our first Sunday here in Greece we found out that not everyone here in Greece is so comfortable.  A group of about 15 people showed up at church that Sunday with lots of luggage and a story of their week here in Greece helping in the refugee camps.  They’d brought clothes, toys, and even brought a magician along that had a stuffed teddy bear making system.  Can you think of anything better for a little person living in a refugee camp then a magician that also makes you a teddy bear?!  They were about halfway through their time here, many having given up their precious vacation time from work to come and help for a couple...

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